Britney Spears bought this Princess Dog Bed for her dog “Hannah Spears”

We are so excited with this news! Britney Spears is such a dog loving celebrity and we can tell that her little doggie “Hannah Spears” is treated with so much love! Below is the bed that Britney selected for her puppy. Stay tuned for more.


Introducing Our New “” Furniture for 2013

Introducing Our New Lines for 2013

Hi There! We are so excited to introduce our new line of Pet furniture, the image above is called the: Black “Bella” Canopy Dog Bed. We believe that your precious pet should be pampered. There’s no other way to achieve this, without a gorgeous “I Love My Pet Bed” line of Canopy Bed! is here to help facilitate your favorite pet’s total relaxation by offering a truly unique and lovely “Bella” Canopy Dog Bed. Stay tuned as we are going to be bringing to you some of the most awesome pet furniture ever designed!